The Studio: Morph Flow

Designed and hand-crafted in 1994 by Bogdan Valceanov , one of Greece's most successful acoustic studio designers, Morph Flow Studios in Kypseli in downtown Athens has been the birthplace of a great number of musical projects.

The studio's small and friendly spaces feature a multitude of high-end software and hardware equipment, operated by the studio's dedicated and experienced personnel, who are none other than its founders and owners.

The combination of scientifically designed spaces, world-class equipment, and an unyielding dedication to music renders Morph Flow into an incubator of creativity and a producer of impeccable record.

It is no accident that this small studio has been the birthplace of a disproportionately large of several multi-platinum recordings.

Studio A

Studio A: Recording, Editing and Mixing

Studio A consists of a 20 m2 control room, a multi-purpose recording booth, and a dedicated vocal booth. It has been especially designed for to cater for the acoustic requirements of mixing a wide spectrum of musical genres.

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Studio B

Studio B: Keyboards, Arrangement & MIDI

Our Programming Studio (B) is bound to satisfy even the most demanding musician/arranger/programmer with its vast collection of analog and digital hardware and the latest versions of the highest quality software instruments.

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