The People Behind It

It never hurts to know a little bit about the people who have given birth to an idea. Sometimes it can give a better perspective on what it's all about. Like, say, a health-food store by McDonalds. Or a statistical analysis company founded by Greeks.

In any case, here they are, for better or worse. Might as well get used to the idea, 'cause you will be dealing with some of them - if you bring your project to us. Oh, yea. Didn't we tell you? Here, the people who get the brilliant ideas for something, get to do the work, too. Isn;t that something?

The People Behind ORM

George Boussounis

George Boussounis
The founder

Composer/ Arranger/ Producer/ Founder of OnlineRecordingMasters

The man who (while driving his off white vintage vespa downtown Athens), had the idea of joining top class session musicians, producers, recording, mixing and mastering engineers and studios from different countries, in order to create the first international online production organization in the planet.

It took him hundreds of hours of telephone calls, e-mails and lots of his rather disputable charm, to persuade all of the above artists to be a part of this really loving big music family.

George therefore wishes, that OnlineRecordingMasters  shall blossom and expand in the near future, becoming a place of unlimited inspiration and creativity for all of us.

He also claims that he makes the best espresso/cappuccino in town, but this is another story... 


Giorgos Ginis

Giorgos Ginis
The boss

Lyricist/Author/Producer/Morph Flow sound labs manager

  Giorgos Ginis is a person of wisdom, self discipline and deep devotion.

He made sure that OnlineRecordingMasters got “official”.(got state approvals, tax department authentifications, banking system support,  e.t.c).

He writes lyrics, scripts for his new “monkeys” comics, does recording sessions in the studio and keeps triple backups of every single client’s files , even for those created 17 years ago (when we used the Atari ST)!!!

Giorgos is now working on his latest ambitious project, the creation of the brand new “Morph flow Vinyl Label”, that is going to be introduced shortly, in the pages of this very site.



Vinzenz Benjamin

Vinzenz Benjamin
The pioneer

Musician/ Composer/ Manager of “Onlinesessions.co.uk”

In a way, Vinzenz is the pioneer in the online recording story. Being an “A class” session musician him self , and having participated in lots of recordings and live performances with major British and European artists, this cool looking guy, gathered a “dream team” of musicians based in the U.K. , to create the “onlinesessions.co.uk” team.

George B., actually had the pleasure of experiencing the services of this team, before he proposed to Vinzenz the collaboration of the two websites .

As a result, OnlineRecordingMasters and Onlinesessions.co.uk, became fraternal and work in a partnership, based upon good faith and good mood.

Perhaps, some other similar internet recording communities are going to pop up in the future, but we are always going to be the first to have made it happen!

For the history, George and Vin, haven’t met each other in real life yet (due to busy schedules). This meeting is hopefully going to take place somewhere in Europe, in the next few months…

… but we guess, that’s the magic of working ONLINE!


Leonidas Kossis

Leonidas Kossis
The developer

Songwriter/ Singer/ Web designer/ Photographer

Here is the guy who developed the web site. He is the architect, designer and developer of the site. He hooked us up with hosting provider, set up the cms, ftp and paypal and credit card accounts. He took photos of the studio...  He even wrote some of the text (not this one, mind you…).

Of course, he got paid, but still… Without his precious input, NOTHING would have been the same. We all wish him the best for his new upcoming album, produced entirely here, in OnlineRecordingMasters 


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