The Idea

For people who are on a budget and need top class musicians, arrangers, and recording and mixing engineers of all styles, as well as top class sound quality of a high-end professional studio. For people who want to work with professionals who understand their needs and can talk their language. For people who need a highly personalised service with faces and names behind the web site. For people who need a great job done in a short amount of time.

The need which brought us here

Good music production can be very tricky

Good music production can be very tricky

The process of bringing music from the stage of initial inspiration and conception to the point where it becomes a finished piece, ready for use and/or distribution, can be long, complex and quite expensive. Furthermore, it more often than not requires the bringing together of a number of people with varying competencies and talents and coordinating a multitude of tasks so that everything comes together seamlessly - all of this, without losing the magic and spontaneity which is at the heart of a captivating musical production.



No man is an island - especially in the sea of musicNo man is an island - especially in the sea of music

While every single one of us brings a number of talents, competencies and resources with him or her into a music production project, these are, generally, not sufficient to bring such a project to fruition. They almost always need to be complemented by other musicians, music professionals and technical resources so that the job can get done well, and in a timely fashion.



OnlineRecordingMasters was created to be your partner and friendOnlineRecordingMasters was created to be your partner and friend

OnlineRecordingMasters is a platform that was put together to satisfy this exact need: Of complementing your input in a fully adaptable manner, so that the result is a complete music production team of musicians and engineers, backed up by the necessary technical infrastructure, ready to tackle the music production challenge at hand.

We use our many years of experience in the business, our numerous local industry contacts and alliances with musicians, performers and other professionals and our excellent technical infrastructure here at MorphFlow studios, as well as an international network linking us with musicians, engineers and studios in other countries to provide a service which is abundant as well as flexible, and capable of addressing musical needs of varying depths and breadths.



Your music remains... Your musicYour music remains... Your music

It is important to emphasize that our intention is to remain, on one hand, as supportive as possible by making sure we fully satisfy your needs in terms of know-how and artistic feedback and/or input, and on the other hand to be as non-pervasive as we possibly can, so that your musical inspiration comes to life in a form which is as close as possible to your initial conception. We endeavor to do this by being flexible and adaptable. We will pull together the resources needed to complement your own and bring your project to life, whether that means simply providing you with a single instrument track, or fully orchestrating, recording, editing, mixing and mastering any umber of musical pieces, whether they be intended for use on the Internet, on a CD, on television, in the movies - or a simple demo. 



Bring your music to lifeBring your music to life

If you find yourself in the position of knowing what you want to do, but wondering what the next step is or how to go about it, you're probably in the right place here at OnlineRecordingMasters. A great number of artists and music professionals like you, from the early days of MorphFlow studios all the way to our first over-the-net clients have sought refuge here - only to find that they had run into something much more than that: A team with a passion for bringing music to life.

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