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   Frequently asked Questions

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1. How do I upload/ download files? Is it complicated ?

Not at all ! After we have created a client account for you, we send you via e-mail, your user name and password. With these codes you can login as a registered user, by clicking on the login button (at the lower right side of the page). After that, you will be able to see an asterisk (*) next to the "contact us" menu. You click on the * and then you open the incorporated FTP console we have created for you. NO need to download and install any ftp client applications. We have made it easy for you ! On the left side of the console, there are the folders of your computer, while on the right side there is your personal FTP space on our server. Just choose whichever file or folder you want and click UPLOAD.

2. Let's say i want a cello, or a saxophone part recorded, but i do not have any scores written.

Not a problem at all!. Just send us the midi parts, and we'll do it for you! In case some of the lines you have played, are out of the range of the instrument you want to have recorded, we let you know, and we modify them. If you do not have midi parts played either, then one of our arrangers will be happy to create some nice melody lines for the musician to play on your song!

3. And what if i want a 'solo' ?

That's great! Each one of our session musicians is a "virtuoso" player, as well as an imaginative solo performer! If you want them to play solo for you, they will listen carefully and then will record a couple of solos for you to choose from. It is not by accident, that these session musicians have played with the brightest international stars of the planet. ( Elton John, Phil Collins, Beyonce, Rihanna, Paul Young, Level 42, Graig David, Wishbone Ash and more...)

4. I just have a demo with my guitar and vocals.

Well, in that case you need one of our arrangers. Check out their profiles, listen to some of the things they have done and choose the one you feel is closer to your style of music. Describe how about you want your song to sound like (even by naming a well known song, already published, the arrangement of which you want us to approach) and the arranger will send you a midi version fully arranged. If you like it, then we proceed with musicians recordings. You won't have to pay for a musician before you are OK with the orchestrations. Cool eh?     

5. What about the copyrights of the instruments played. Who do they belong to?

They belong to you of course! After recordings are done and paid for, we have NO further demands from you. You can use them whichever way you like, including them in other versions, remixes etc. In case you make a public release of those recordings, we just want you to include our musicians who played for you, in the credits section of your CD, vinyl record, or DVD, so that they can collect their legal performing rights from radio or TV airplay. But this is something we suppose you would do anyway ! 

6. So far so good. But what happens if i am not completely happy with the recordings. What if i want something changed?

You'll just have to tell us, and we shall make all changes needed and resend you the file for approval. First modifications are for FREE. After that you'll have to pay a 50% extra for each new modification. And Remember: This holds for all our services. (recording, mixing, mastering).

7. I have all the tracks already recorded. I just want you to mix my music.

So, MIX your music we will! Here at Morph Flow (or at any other studio we work with), we are fans of good sound. We do NOT mix using only plugins! We always insert into our chain, some of the best analog outboard gear money can buy, so that your music sounds warm, lively, full of headroom, presence and nice harmonics! Whether you want your production to sound transparent or "vintage", we'll make it happen for you. All of our engineers are experienced in almost every genre of music, and each one of them has already mixed hundreds of songs or musical pieces, most of which have turned out to be multi-platinum awarded hits!

8. What about prices any way. How much will it cost me to use your Online services?

Well, the services which we provide are many and your demands could be various too! This means that we would have to built in an enormous table of contents, full of hundreds of little boxes and numbers, just to cover all the possible combinations. Then our site would look like an e-shop. We ARE NOT an e-shop. We are artists like you! And this is not our style at all...But just to give you a general idea, we can tell you that a recording with a session musician for an average 4 minute song would approximately cost about 150 euros (which includes the expenses of the studio and the recording engineer as well). An arrangement would cost about 350-500 euros, depending on the number of tracks, while a mix of a 4 minute musical piece of let's say 20 tracks would cost no more than 250 euros. Of course, in case you use multiple services in more than 2 or 3 songs, then rates are relatively reduced and you get a much better price! Please take some time to fill the "get a quote" form we have prepared for you, and then we will be able to make precise estimation on how much it will cost ...

9. I still have some questions...

In that case , you just contact us, make any question you want, and we'll come back to you with the answer. Please, just do not ask about the world financial crisis. We don't have the answers for this...



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