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OnlineRecordingMasters provides services for artists, producers, and recording studios worldwide who want to take advantage of the internet to gain access to superb quality recordings of session musicians, world-class arrangement, and mixing and mastering services

We make no compromises in quality of service, sound, and performance, and remain quite flexible when it comes to adapting to needs, requirements and budgets.

Through our international network of musicians, arrangers, recording, mixing and mastering engineers of all styles, and a small number of boutique sound studios, we cater to the needs of artists, producers, and recording studios in the music, advertisement, gaming/multimedia, television and film industries.

If you're looking for a highly personalised service with faces and names behind the web site, look no further

Guitarists: Aris Zarakas Bass Players: Rene Mayr Guitarists: Kevin Briggs Bass Players: Vinzenz Benjamin Ethnic Instrument Players: Nikos Katsikis Ethnic Instrument Players: Manolis Karantinis Guitarists: Anestis Psaradakos String & Horns Players: Horn Section Vocalists: Steve Haswell Keyboardists: Aaron Ottington Keyboardists: Tom Gearing Guitarists: Paul Jupe Guitarists: Deeral Arrangers: Rosabella Gregory Keyboardists: Lyndon Konnah

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Over the last two years, Online Recording Masters has evolved from a darling project to a wonderful success and a fresh of breath air for us, working here, as well as the numerous talented artists and clients from all over the world who are associated with us. Thank you for making our dream a reality. We aim to serve the music.

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ORM welcomes Garry King

Published Jul 22 2011

OnlineRecordingMasters newest member, Garry King is one of Europe's greatest rock drummers. Check it out!

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Tell us what you think about our site

Published Apr 07 2010

Make your comments on our website

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Ammos Music Record label

Published Mar 30 2010

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Peerless mastering collaboration with ORM


OnlineRecordingMasters, takes pride in announicing a collaboration with Jeff Lipton, owner of Peerless mastering studios, Boston, MA.

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